After years of living in Asia, South America and Africa, Sarah has now based herself in Portugal where she has opened up Monsoon Room with a team in the Algarve. Through her experience Sarah helps clients find their style in order to create spaces which are unique.

Monsoon Room offers interior design advise within a collaborative space of interiors and art, new and old by sourcing and curating vintage and bespoke items through sustainable sources.

STYLING…Fed up of staring at the same walls?

We’ve been spending a lot of time at home recently, so let’s start by re-arranging existing furniture and spaces before finding you personally curated elements to compliment your interiors in a creative and sustainable way


Are you having trouble finding what you want to decorate your home or just haven’t the time to look and would much rather be spending time on the beach? Visit Monsoon Room, our studio in Lagos, where we will identify your taste to get the results you want with fresh new ideas.

INTERIORS…Looking for something different?

Interior design concepts will help you develop and visualise the design and functionality of a space

PHOTOGRAPHY… Need professional images to make your property or business stand out from the crowd?

Once we have styled your furniture, it is important to get the images which will reflect the character of your property for rental or selling purposes.

Branding concepts can also be developed around the images for commercial projects, marketing and social media

Don’t shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like

David Alan Harvey, Photographer


Sarah is based in the Algarve, Portugal and speaks English, Portuguese and French.

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