Working closely with my clients before styling and photographing their commercial properties for marketing purposes, I will discuss the image that they want to project and details of the market they are aiming for. After styling, images will be captured of the interiors, decor details and settings in order to give future guests an impression of the feel and look of the location.

Quinta Bonita Country House

Quinta Bonita, located in the Algarve and set in luxurious gardens. For the 10th anniversary of opening the doors to the public, the owners wanted a more up to date look for their new website, but without a big investment. We restyled the property to bring it more in line with their new image. We kept the Portuguese charm and African influence and added new pieces and curated the existing furniture. Quinta Bonita

Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge

Perched on the top of a mountain in Uganda, with views on to the Virunga Volcanoes, this lodge is like no other. To arrive in this, English style cottage after a long, bumpy journey, is truly heaven. The photos needed to create a warm homely atmosphere with big cosy sofas to snuggle into whilst sharing stories of tracking gorillas or hiking through tea plantations and local villages. The local art and crafts are the backdrop to the clouds literally drifting through the lodge giving a surreal feeling of floating. Together with the fluffy pillows, thick quilts, log fires, stunning views and a personal butler, it wasn’t hard to reflect the cloud nine experience in the images. Wildplacesafrica

Semliki Safari Lodge

This cosy lodge is nestled in a nature reserve in the heart of Semliki Wildlife Reserve Uganda, a primordial forest, still harbouring chimpanzees and forest elephants amongst many other animals. An out of Africa image was created with the luxurious tented rooms fitted with Persian carpets and nightcaps served in crystal. The photos show the decadence juxtaposed with the simplicity of the location. Wildplacesafrica

Apoka Safari Lodge

This Lodge is as remote as you can get on the Ugandan border to Sudan, in Kidepo Valley National Park. The raw Savannah land of roaming wildlife contrasts with the comfort and refinement of the interiors filled with locally made furniture and decorations. The images needed to show big interiors to match the big skies and savannah plains. Wildplacesafrica

Pineapple Bay

A Swahili inspired lodge on the private island of Bulago on Lake Victoria, Uganda. The feel of the breezy open spaces was of a barefoot coastal retreat with its own farm fresh food and of course an abundance of pineapples. The photos needed to show the comfort of soft furniture to flop back into and read, relax and digest after a safari trip.

Khazana Verandah

A popular Indian restaurant in the city of Kampala, Uganda, wanted to update its image to attract the venue for weddings. It has a Swahili architecture enhanced with Indian antique decor.

Red chilli Hostel

A hostel set in Kampala, and a back packers safari camp in Murchison Falls National park, Uganda. The goal was to upgrade the image of the budget safari camp, to show a clean convivial space in the images. Red Chilli Hideaway

Lake Lodge

A bright multicoloured lodge perched on the ridge of a hillside next to Lake Mutungo in Uganda. The photos for the lodge’s website were to emphasise the vibrance of the interiors and eclectic decorations.

” I had been wanting to do a refresh of the interiors for our country hotel for some
time however had neither the energy, time nor the creative expertise to pursue this goal further. In addition whilst I wanted a new look and feel I did not want to throw out our existing furniture or buy in lots of new pieces as this went against our sustainable practices. I did not know where to start! Sarah was the answer! After an initial meeting she provided us with a sleek and professional design concept complete with itemised costings and timeline. She effectively took a stocktake of everything in the house and then using creative prowess did an innovative reshuffle to create a completely new look and feel. This work was supplemented by some redecorating, refurbishing and purchasing, all managed by Sarah. A huge bonus in addition to the research, Sarah did all the actual sourcing herself racing across the Algarve from one shop to another for the right fabric or perfect throw cushion –
giving me the time to focus on other areas of my business. Sarah was easy to communicate with and was comfortable working to a tight and ever changing deadline. The process was collaborative, she was open to my ideas whilst always guiding me back to our agreed design concept to ensure our end goal was met.”

Owner Quinta Bonita

Have you got a business you want styled and marketed differently?

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