Telling Stories

My father was from Yorkshire and worked in the textile industry. I suppose my love of textiles stemmed from there. I always thought I would follow in his footsteps, but through my life of traveling, I began to discover the world of interiors through textiles. I also shared a love of photography with my father and used to spend afternoons in our local photography museum, exploring the back rooms, not usually open to the public.

Through my travels, my interior designs and photography have been influenced by the colours and cultures of different countries I have visited and lived in. They have also made me a people person, enabling me to network and meet artists and artisans from all walks of life. I often collaborate with these artists, together with architects, designers and suppliers to create exciting projects.

I have stories to tell, but I’m not a writer, instead I capture them through my designs and images.

My Story

What’s my story? Born in Portugal, I soon learnt to uproot myself when I started my nomad life in Sri Lanka as a student. I left the UK with a backpack for a 6 month internship and ended up leaving 6 years later with a French husband, toddler, a baby on the way, and a container full of furniture to start a new chapter in Brazil. A container continued to follow us after each country, packed with ever more furniture, art, antiques, baskets, linens and handicrafts collected along the way, which made for a comfortable and familiar home away from home, for the family wherever we landed.

After making a full circle from Europe through Asia, South America, East and West Africa back to my birthplace, Portugal, my experiences have been filled with colours, tastes and flavours from different cultures shared with some incredible people. These have fired my passion for food and love of creating fusions of dishes sprinkled with herbs and spices from around the world. Cooking is my therapy, it gives me something to smile about each day and I hope to those who eat my food!


When Random things come together in one wonderful moment

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