Clearing can be time consuming, sorting belongings into what you want to keep, up-cycle, or get rid of. Together we can curate your favorite pieces to incorporate in to a new design and let go of what no longer serves you.


Feel like a change?

Styling brings out the personality within your property. once we have curated the existing decor new pieces will compliment your existing interiors creating a fresh new look.


Want to MARKET your property?

First impressions are important to attract potential buyers/tenants.
Style and stage furniture to accentuate the features of each space. Professional photos make a difference.

Ethics of clever design….

Live a little greener using sustainable and local source of decoration.

Clever mindful design works around existing pieces to give a new look.

Favourite pieces can be reloved to uplift the spirit of a home.

Re-generate your interiors using natural fibres and recycled products.

What is the difference between Styling and Staging?

Styling concentrates on giving a new look to existing decor, taking into consideration personal tastes, character of the space and new trends in design.

Staging involves properties for rent or sale. The aim is to give a neutral appearance by removing personal decorations and possessions and highlight the property’s features in order to match a wider group of potential clients needs and tastes.

Clear, Style, Click!

We offer a personalised discreet service you can trust. Contact…

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